Review: Creed Aventus For Men

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Men are prone to look perfect on every occasion of their life as well as they are more reluctant towards their personality to look elegant and charming through each aspect. Most men tend to purchase an elegant and sophisticated row of attires for their happy occasions as well as to wear on a daily basis too. Along with this, a good range of shoe collections is also a must, but how can one forget about the exceptional punch of perfume.

One’s personality is incomplete without using a tantalizing and sophisticated scent making the others seduce and attracting the people through the unique scent and fragrance. Creed Aventus for men is the best option from the house of creed to be considered as the best perfume for all occasions because of its uniqueness and demand.

History of Creed Aventus for men

Creed Aventus for men was launched by the house of creed in 2010 by the master perfumer naming Olivier creed, and it gains quick fame all around the world as the top seller perfume due to its fruity and rich scent, which can blend the individuals.

The name of this collection was given by keeping in mind the theatrical life of the great emperors like Alexander the Great and Napolean Bonaparte, who has fought fearlessly during their reigns and whose victories and triumphs are still considered iconic today.

Distribution and Bottle collection

To make it the elegant and distinctive one among all the other collections of the Creed, Aventus is distributed in a very glamorous way making it the alluring and eccentric one according to its theme. Creed Aventus comes into a middle-sized glass bottle of black color with the name of the brand carved beautifully and in a modern sort of logo to maintain its title.

It is considered the number one luxury fragrance for men in the entire history of the United Kingdom and is highly purchased due to its quality and long-lasting property as it is perfect in its way, so its price is also quite high as compared to other perfumes starting from 350$ which is really a big figure for purchasing a perfume, but if one is getting a quality product, then no compromise can be made on price.

The bottle also has a black atomizer with its tip touching the base of the bottle so that all the sorts of scents used in the notes can come along within one punch.

This uniqueness and the style of the bottle make it difficult for the third-rated and fourth-rated copy makers and prevent people from purchasing the pirated product. It has been seen in the market that many low-budget marketers are producing copies of the branded perfumes and scents and make a handsome amount of money by cheating the intelligence of the purchasers.

People are prone to attract the product of the same name at a low price and consider it the original, but that is not true. Such people make perfumes with low levels and synthetic ingredients, which are very harmful to the health and skin too. It has been seen that the massive use of such low-graded products results in skin rashes and itching.

So, It is advisable that always have a look at the tag and packet of the perfume which you have purchased to avoid the consequences after purchasing and always compare the perfume with your original one if buying from a local market to avoid the purchase of the copied product.

Longevity property of Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus has been reviewed highly and gained excellent feedback regarding its longevity property, and it is said that it lasts more than six to eight hours and doesn't evaporate through the skin easily, and intermingles with the fabric of clothes allowing the body as well as the clothes to enjoy its alluring fragrant.

It can be applied on the side of the necks and side of ears as well as on the wrists and gives fine results of long-lasting fragrance in just three to four punches on these areas, and one is then ready for any occasion. It is a good option for summers too, as it lasts longer than usual and will prevent the bad odor from being felt easy.

Longevity can also be increased further by checking the concentration level of your perfume and applying it right after the shower. It is advisable not to rub the perfume after its applying and reapply the perfume when necessary and when you feel that you are sweating more as usual.

Composition of Creed Aventus for men

Creed aventus for men is produced by using pure and natural ingredients such as herbs, and phytochemicals which produce a really attractive and distinct aroma and fragrance when intermingled with each other.

Elements used in the top note

In the top note of the creed aventus for men, the ingredients used to produce the fresh and enchanting fragrance are apples, blackcurrant, pineapple, and bergamot. The blackcurrant used in this note produces a fruity fragrance of the wild leaves of this fruit, and bergamot used in this product gives it the distinctive and citrusy scent used highly in cosmetics and perfumes of men and women.

Elements used in the heart note

Juniper berries, birch patchouli, and jasmine are the ingredients used in the heart note to produce a distinct and alluring fragrance. Patchouli as the main ingredient gives the woody and spicy sort of characteristic scent often used in perfumes manufacturing.

Elements used in the base note

Vanilla Musk, oakmoss, and ambergris are the ingredients used in the base note, making it a unique and fresh sort of scent. The vanilla musk is the olfactory ingredient used in this note and is regarded as the main ingredient which lets the creed aventus last longer than usual because of the feature of the vanilla musk to stay throughout the day. Even a drop can show such wonders.


Creed aventus is regarded as one of the highly purchased and most demanding perfumes from the range of perfumes for men although it is priced high but still purchased a lot and is demanded in the market by the purchasers because of the excellent quality and the distinct fragrance creating wonders with its fruity and long-lasting scent.