Where to Apply Perfume? These points are the BEST!

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The power of perfume should not be underestimated. It can touch our emotions and help us form memories, like when we smell cookies, which take us back to our grandmother's kitchen. "When perfume has the ability to provoke emotion, it becomes a part of our lives. It becomes a part of the personality with which others connect us," journalist and author Claire Bingham told Vogue. When you find your scent, you feel invincible and have the opportunity to keep your scent in the room even when you leave it. Many can know when you come by the scent of the perfume you use, especially if it is striking...

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Perfume Review

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The drama club in my high school had organised a play. I was a part of the drama and had bagged a role in the play. We had spent over a month rehearsing one of Shakespeare’s famous plays, The Merchant of Venice. Everything was organised by the members of the drama and the teachers, along with a few volunteers. When the day of the play came, parents, students and teachers were all waiting in the auditorium. We had turned the gymnasium near the auditorium into our makeshift green room. Everyone was running around in a frenzy, checking all the props and other arrangements on the stage. People...

Review: Dolce Shine Women - Dolce&Gabbana

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I had been working as a middle school teacher for three years now. Every year, the students here observed Teacher’s Day to show their appreciation for the entire staff. Gifts, flowers, chocolates, and presentations were a common occurrence on this day. This year was no different. The school was decorated in rainbow streamers and balloons with banners reading, “Happy Teacher’s Day.” As expected, when I entered my classroom, my desk was overflowing with flowers and gift-wrapped boxes. It was still surreal to me that my students loved me as much as they did. When I had chosen this career, I had...

Hugo Boss - Boss for Him Review

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I had made a rather fruitless trip to the mall to purchase yet another bottle of my favourite perfume, Prada L’Homme, only to discover it was out of stock. Quite disheartened by that information, I decided to blind buy the next men’s perfume my eyes landed on. That perfume happened to be a Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss. Founded back in 1924, German fashion designer Hugo Boss’ self-named brand has grown to be one of the largest German fashion houses. From high-fashion clothing, watches and footwear to fragrances, eyewear and accessories, the brand has an overflowing portfolio of diverse products...

Revealing Ways How To Use Perfume Properly You May Not Know

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Perfumes have existed in the history of mankind for thousands of years. Some sources claim that they are over 4000 years old at least. Although they have a long-standing record of their existence, most people could not afford scents in ancient times due to their expensive nature. Even today, many perfumes are significantly costly and beyond the reach of a regular household. There are more affordable perfumes available today to make them affordable for all. People often use fragrances to make a remarkable impression when they meet someone new for a date, a business meeting, etc. Anybody can...