Calvin Klein Eternity Fresh Man Review

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I vividly recall the first time I was introduced to the fragrance. It was 1990 – one of the most emotional years of my life. With emotions running at an all-time high, we were on our tour of a lifetime. It was supposed to be our final hoorah before we part ways. We grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same daycare facility. We even went to the same school and college. Now, the four of us had job offers in four different states. Our bond would be stretched like the elastic on the rubber band. Landlines and letters were the best forms of communication then. We decided to make the...

J'adore Christian Dior for Women (Review)

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I enjoy having men woo me. Despite my redhead and green eyes, which always get me a lot of attention, I also use fragrances to attract the men’s attention. Call me an attention seeker if you like, but that is precisely who I am. I do not regret my choices, and I am definitely not ashamed of them. I have been an avid user of perfumes since I was very young. My first fragrance and all the necessary lessons were given to me by my dear mother. I began to love it ever since. I love the smell and the effects it has on men. I tend to change my fragrance every couple of months so that people cannot...

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent for Women Review

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Needing a change in scenario, I had packed my notebooks and textbooks up, got out of my dorm room, and headed off to a café near my university campus. I had been sitting there for about an hour and a half when she came in. A blonde girl donning a red crop top, a pair of whitewashed skinny jeans walked past my table when I got a whiff of her enticing fragrance. Dear Lord did it smell incredible! Now, I am a naturally introverted person. So there was no chance of me gathering up the courage to reach out and ask her what perfume she was wearing. Fortunately, I was not the only person who was...

Top 10 Best Creed Colognes & Perfumes for Men

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Creed is a perfume house founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed. Established initially as a tailoring house, it was located in England. Currently, the headquarters are in Paris, France, and the brand continues to rise in fame due to the incredible fragrance it formulates. Here are the top 10 best perfumes for Men by Creed. 1. Aventus Launched in 2010, Aventus is a fruity and sweet perfume comprising of twelve different ingredients. Prominent amongst these ingredients are black currants, pineapples, rose, birch, musk, vanilla, and oakmoss. Available in four different sizes – 30 ml, 75 ml, 120 ml...

(Review) Prada La Femme Intense Women Fragrance

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In 1913, brothers Mario Prada and Martino Prada established the iconic Italian fashion house, Prada. They had started the business with their last name. It was a leather goods shop in Milan, Italy, which gradually became one of the most famed and powerhouse fashion houses globally. About Prada Over the years, the house of Prada has slowly diversified its range of products. Presently, the fashion house offers leather handbags, shoes, jewellery, ready-to-wear apparel, perfumes, and travel accessories. Undeniably a top contender to become the number one brand in the fashion industry, they still...