Review: Light Blue pour Homme - Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue Pour Homme Dolce Gabbana 1

Perfume and scents are the major part of cosmetics and one cannot deny their importance while getting ready. Either one is going for an interview or going outside to attend a wedding or a meetup with friends, a good scent always leaves a long-lasting impact on the others. And the selection of good perfume or scent is always a sort of trial for some people.

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People often tend to use perfumes with low prices because of budget issues which usually evaporates the fragrance after an hour or so leaving the person stinking badly. So, here we are with the description of an excellent perfume naming light blue pour Homme dolce and Gabbana so that one can select the best scent while remaining within the budget.

History of Light blue pour Homme

Light blue Homme Dolce and Gabbana is the highly demanded line of fragrance launched by the world-famous Dolce and Gabbana in 2007 and was highly appreciated because of its unique fruity fragrance arousing the inner desires of the people after smelling this fragrance.

Composition of this fragrance

Light Blue pour Homme Dolce and Gabbana consist of different elements in the head, heart, and base region of the bottle which makes it the highly demanding scent all around the world.

Elements of the head region

The head region comprises the scents of bergamot, juniper, and grapefruit. The excellent mixture of all these three elements produced a fruity fragrance. Juniper used in this region is known to reduce the release of stress hormones from adrenal glands and offers emotional support.

Elements of the heart region

The heart region of light blue pour Homme dolce and Gabbana comprises rosemary, rosewood, and pepper giving a mixture of something sensational along with peppers scent. The rosemary used in this region to produce a calming fragrance is known to perk up the people and repels certain bugs too.

Similarly, rosewood as the main element of this fragrance has been famous to produce a long-lasting relaxing effect on the mind of people and gives an enchanting rose-like fragrance provoking the soothing hormones in the body.

Elements of the base region

The base region of light blue pour Homme dolce and Gabbana is comprised of ambergris, oakmoss, and olibanum and has been intermingled with the other fragments used to make a final result of the light blue pour.

Ambergris used in this product has been known to be used highly by the perfume manufacturers because of their endurance. This element helps the fragrance to last longer and oakmoss is also a sort of fixative agent used in perfumes to add an extra benefit of smoothness and calmness.

When to use it?

People are commonly in a habit to use scents and perfumes at any time during the day. But it has been noticed that men usually use the perfumes while getting ready for their office or while getting ready for a date because in both the case the main aim is to impress the other one.

And if we talk about the use of light blue pour Homme Dolce and Gabbana, it is a male dominant scent as the majority of the people from a male gender prefer to use it and they use it during the daytime because of its longevity lasting for five to six hours.

It is also seen that the usage of perfumes, scents, and deodorants increases in the season of summers when people tend to sweat more as compared to other seasons because of the fast metabolism of the body resulting in open pores extracting sweat out from the body due to intense heat.

The use of this fragrance is also been seen in the spring season because the mild temperature and changes in the weather provoke the one’s mood to get themselves ready and roll them up in a perfect scent because of the blooming of flowers all around the region.

Checking the authenticity

Because of the increase of the copy makers of every item and product in the market, it has been observed that the third-rated or fourth rated copies of various perfumes including the light blue pour Homme dolce and Gabbana are being sold in the markets by making fool the innocent customers.

To check whether the purchased product is authentic and original, always check the packaging and labels. It is not easy to create the same color scheme and same labels and tags along with barcodes of the original item. One can easily detect the difference between the fake and the original product.

Similarly, you can also check the originality by observing the scent of perfume and feeling the weight of the bottle. The fake marketers will always end up weighing less because of their rush towards money by selling out the crap and bad product.

Presentation and impressions

The light blue pour Homme dolce and Gabbana comes in the beautiful pack of a glass bottle rated as 100 by its clients with a stell atomizer releasing the coolest fragrant by just putting a single pressure on the atomizer. Its price range falls between 46-70$ which is quite economical and is distributed in decent packaging.

The marketing of certain products depends heavily on the packaging because people are prone to purchase the items which are packaged in a safe way ensuring the usage of the product after opening the package themselves. There are chances that if the seal is opened or braked due to certain reasons then the buyer may not purchase that piece because of the doubt of its use by any other person beforehand.


The light blue pour Homme Dolce and Gabbana is a highly demanding and most sold-out product in the range of scents and perfumes. Being a unique brand with a mixture of nine different fragrances and elements, it is highly praised and used again and again by its buyers and one gets attracted to the fruity scent and fragrance of this brand attracting the people who pass by or gets in contact to the person using it.