Review: Luna Rossa Prada for Men

Luna Rossa Prada Men 1

If we are getting ready for going outside for a dinner, or a meetup, we are incomplete without punching some drops of our favorite scents or perfumes. The selection of perfumes and scents is also an arduous task as there are many third-rated copies available in markets of the brands of perfumes which hinders the enhancement of one’s personality if used for a while because of their rotten smell.

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To attract your friends and fellows with the enchanting scent here we are to present the Luna Rossa Prada, a known scent and highly demanding product from the line of perfumes and fragrances along with the guidelines so that one can easily purchase the branded and original product.

History of Luna Rossa Prada for men

Luna Rossa Prada has been launched around 2012 not so a long time before. But it gained much fame and a good reputation in the market in a very short time and was launched by Daniela angrier. It was named luna Rossa by keeping the concept of sailboats and sailing participants in mind.

Composition of this fragrance

Luna Rossa Prada comes in three classical types of notes combined to make a unique fragrance provoking and arousing the stress-free hormones in the body of its users giving a fresh and enchant feel.

Type of note at the top of Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa comprises lavender and bitter orange at the top. Lavender used here is known as a stress reliever reducing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even mild pain through its fresh calming fragrance.

Type of note at the heart of Luna Rossa

Clary sage and spearmint are the classic types of notes used in combination during the manufacturing of Luna Rossa and are included in abundance at the heart of the Luna Rossa bottle. Spearmint used in producing the unique fragrance is known to arouse the brain’s emotional system to process and analyze the smell as a calm and soothe provider allowing the body to relax for a while.

Type of note used at the base

Ambrette absolute and ambroxan molecule has been used as the classic type of note at the base of the luna Rossa Prada. Ambroxan used at the top note of this product allows the glaze and shine while the punching of this perfume on the clothes. It gives a woody ambery and musk odor to the entire product.

Usage of Luna Rossa Prada

Luna Rossa Prada has been manufactured entirely for men. Men use such enchanting and calmness producing scents while getting ready for their office or a lunch or dinner date. Females tend to attract more towards the men using fresh scents and this product is a combination of all such fragrances which can easily let women fall for.

Longevity of Luna Rossa Prada

It has been noticed that men tend to sweat more as compared to women because of their more open pores and they also care less for their skin and other body structures relieving the bad odor from the body such as the underarms which leave a stingy and bad effect on the others if one is releasing such a bad odor.

The use of luna ross Prada has been seen to be increased in the summer season by males because of the release of excessive sweat through the sebaceous glands leaving a bad odor on the body if a good scent is not used. A fragrant perfume hinders the bad odor in a very good way and one can feel fresh for a longer time.

Luna Rossa Prada has been seen to last up to six to eight hours after its last punch on the clothes or body which is worth-mentioning and appreciable thing. Because the scents and perfumes often evaporate after two to three hours and one has to use the perfume again to hinder the bad odor. But for the Luna Rossa case, forget about the bad odor.

Selecting the original product

It has been observed that the third-rated or fourth-rate copies of various perfumes including the Luna Rossa Prada have been increased in the markets and are being sold by the manufacturers just for the sake of money. They provide bad services and bad products at cheap prices making the people fool by playing with their minds.

It is advisable to always check the packaging and labels if you have any doubt about the authenticity of the product. It is not easy to create the exact copy of the product instead the false claimers make slight changes in the tags and color scheme of packaging or bottles one can check them in detail to avoid the consequences. 

Moreover, one can feel and observe the smell of the perfume by punching it few times on the hand or arm with the help of the atomizer to check whether the fragrance is authentic or not. If you feel any sort of the change in the scent, never go for it. 

Because the third-rated scents and perfumes sold at low prices have been seen to cause certain allergic reactions on the skin of the buyer leaving disastrous scars and itching marks on the skin exposed to the punch of such a product such as a neck region or underarms.

Packaging and marketing

Luna Rossa Prada comes in the beautiful and highly appreciable packaging of a clear glass bottle with a steel atomizer on its top so that the buyer can easily punch out the perfume according to its need without any inconvenience.

The bottle is safely packed in another box so that it can be ensured that the product reaches safely the hands of its lovers.


Luna Rossa Prada is indeed one of the most demanding scents all around the world and aims to provide the feeling of freshness, and calmness soothing the minds of the people because of its excellent quality ingredients.

It is advisable to look for the authentic product while purchasing and avoid the usage of fake products because one cannot compromise on the health of sebaceous glands which once encountered with the wrong product can leave scars or allergy on the skin creating more problem for the buyer of such a product.