Best Trussardi Men Perfumes

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Italian fashion designer Dante Trussardi established his eponymous fashion brand in 1911. Back then, the firm specialised in making leather gloves. As time passed, the range of products it offered diversified. First, the fashion house added leather goods to its portfolio and then tapped into the non-leather goods market. These changes were seen when Dante Trussardi was succeeded by his nephew Nicola Trussardi in the 1970s. Now, the Italian fashion house has leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear clothing, perfumes, jeans etc. 

Trussardi has a wide selection of perfumes targeted at its audience. The fragrance department has a lot of different scents to suit everyone’s choices. Just like women, men do like to indulge in getting quality perfumes now and again. Trussardi has some of the best fragrances to offer to men. Here is a list containing some of these perfumes, which have become a favourite among men.

1. Trussardi Inside

The brand launched Trussardi Inside in 2006. Formulated by the Firmenich master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, Inside comprises a limited selection of nine ingredients. The top notes include yuzu, bergamot and basil. Comprising the middle notes are white pepper, coffee and tobacco. Finally, the base notes include cashmere wood, teak wood and musk. The scented elements are well blended to give a tantalising aroma. The first spritz gives you a dosage of the fresh, citrusy notes of yuzu and bergamots with the slight spicy hints of basil. As those settle in, the fantastic fusion of coffee and tobacco is quick to assault your sense of smell. The intense, rich aroma of coffee mixed with warm and sweet tobacco that has traces of caramel notes is heavenly. The earthy scent of the white pepper adds sharpness to the perfume. The woody notes and musk in the base notes are a popular combination that most people enjoy. 

Flanked by long-lasting longevity, moderate silage and affordability, Inside has become quite popular among men. The fragrance is best suited for winter, fall and spring. It is ideal for both formal and informal occasions.

2. Trussardi Uomo

The Trussardi Uomo is a relatively old perfume that was released way back in 1983. Beatrice Piquet, a senior perfumer from IFF, came up with the formula for this particular perfume. She used a large bowl filled with twenty different ingredients to develop the distinct aroma of Uomo. It contains marjoram, lavender, aldehydes, juniper berries, bergamots, caraway and basil in the top notes. Meanwhile, the middle notes are orris root, carnation, honey, cinnamon, cedar, vetiver and rose. Included in the base notes are patchouli, tonka beans, labdanum, leather, oakmoss and musk. The leathery and woody notes have made it a hit amongst men as the artfully blended smell is distinct and rich. The best part about the perfume is that it has eternal longevity, flanked by strong silage. As Uomo also happens to be affordable for most people and is suitable for all occasions, it has earned its place in the top favourite fragrances of many men.

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3. Trussardi Le Vie Di Milano I Vicoli Via Fiori Chiari

I Vicoli Via Fiori Chiari is a fragrance from the Le Vie Di Milano collection released by the fashion house in 2020. It is marketed as a unisex perfume, but it leans more towards being a fragrance for men. It is a warm and spicy fragrance invented by Pierre-Constantin Gueros. He used nine scented elements to create this perfume. So, the top notes consist of Guatemalan cardamom, Italian lemon and star anise. The middle notes include marigold, patchouli, elemi and black pepper. The base notes are composed of liquor and Madagascar vanilla. The smoothly blended ingredients give a spicy amber aroma. The powdery soft star anise and the balsamic scent of elemi mixed with the creamy vanilla happen to be the most prominent in the fragrance. The perfume is soft, warm and cosy. It has strong silage and long-lasting longevity, much like the other fragrances in the collection. It easily hooks the attention of anyone passing by due to its distinctive and spicy smell. It is usually best worn during winter and fall.

4. Trussardi My Land

Alexandra Kosinski, a senior perfumer from CPL Aromas UK, created My Land in 2012 using a limited selection of nine ingredients. The top notes have a citrusy mixture of bergamots and green mandarins. The middle notes are comprised of fresh lavender and dewy violets with notes of calone that smell like watermelons. The base notes have the incredible fusion of sweet tonka beans, smoky vetiver, rich leather and musky cashmere wood. The fragrance is leathery, woody and citrusy all at the same time. It is ideally worn during the spring or fall days when its aroma happens to be more distinctive.

My Land has moderate longevity and silage. It also has a reasonable price value, which is why this Trussardi perfume has been doing so well.

5. Trussard Le Vie Di Milano Behind The Curtain Piazza Alla Scala

Another fragrance from the Le Vie Di Milano collection from 2020, the Behind The Curtain Piazza Alla Scala, is woody and leathery. It is created by the Firmenich perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie. She used eleven ingredients to come up with this fusion. The top notes have cloves, saffron and bergamots. Juniper, leather, jasmine and labdanum make up the middle notes. Finally, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, and cypriol oil (also known as nagarmotha) make up the fragrance’s base notes. The bittersweet and earthy notes of saffron catch the attention upon the very first spritz. Coupled with the spicy cloves and citrusy bergamots, it creates a mixture of fresh and spicy scents. The middle notes are just as delightful, with the rich leather standing out amongst the rest of the ingredients. The ambery labdanum follows close behind, wrapped up in the floral jasmine and piney juniper. The base notes wrap all the ingredients up and blend them perfectly to give a unique scent. The woody notes are the stars in the base notes.

The perfume has long-lasting longevity and moderate silage. It is best worn during winter or fall. Since it is ideal for both formal and informal occasions, it has become a holy grail for many men, just like other fragrances in the collection.

The list above has some of the best Trussardi perfumes targeted towards its male customer base. Keep in mind that it is, however, not limited to the five fragrances listed above.