Top 10 Best Creed Colognes & Perfumes for Men

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Creed is a perfume house founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed. Established initially as a tailoring house, it was located in England.

Currently, the headquarters are in Paris, France, and the brand continues to rise in fame due to the incredible fragrance it formulates.

Here are the top 10 best perfumes for Men by Creed.

1. Aventus

Launched in 2010, Aventus is a fruity and sweet perfume comprising of twelve different ingredients. Prominent amongst these ingredients are black currants, pineapples, rose, birch, musk, vanilla, and oakmoss. Available in four different sizes – 30 ml, 75 ml, 120 ml, and 250 ml – this fragrance with long-lasting longevity has found itself to be quite popular among men despite being over a decade old. It is ideal mainly for springs and summers as opposed to fall and winter.

2. Millesime Imperial

Millesime Imperial was launched in 1995. This woody and the floral fragrance was formulated in-house by Olivier Creed. The fruity notes add sweetness to the fragrance in the top notes, while the sea salt reminds you of refreshing days at the beach. The citrusy middle notes combined with the earthy and powdery iris make the scent smells fresh and helps in blocking out sweat odour, especially during the summer. The mixture of woody notes and musk in the base notes give the classic, enchanting scent, making any perfume smell incredible.

It is best worn during the daytime in summer and spring. Flanked with moderate longevity and silage, the fragrance is an excellent choice for day-to-day usage.

3. Royal Oud

Olivier Creed made the Royal Oud in 2011. This is a more woody perfume. The first spritz gives you a heavy dosage of the citrusy bergamot and lemon with a sharp note of pink pepper. Once it settles in, the woody notes of the cedar and musky scent of angelica start to show through, along with the bitter galbanum. The woody-nutty notes of the agarwood are the main star of the fragrance. Combined with the musk and rich, milky sandalwood pulls together all the notes in a woody fusion. 

Royal Oud has long-lasting longevity and moderate silage. It is also ideally worn during winter, spring and fall.

4. Virgin Island Water

The father-son duo, Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed, collaborated to come up with this stunning fragrance. They used a selection of eleven different ingredients to invent this scent. While Sicilian mandarin, bergamot and lime in the top notes combine to give a refreshing and citrusy aroma, the coconut provides vanilla and milky nuance to the perfume. The hibiscus, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine in the middle notes make the perfume smell sweet and floral. The ylang-ylang also adds a bit of sourness which prevents the formula from being too sweet. The ginger adds a slight sharpness to the well-blended mixture. The sugar cane in the base note adds sweetness to the perfume, which is well-blended with the musk. The white rum adds a molasses-tinge nuance.

The Virgin Island Water has long-lasting longevity and moderate silage that have made it quite popular among men. It is a summertime fragrance that is better worn during the daytime.

5. Original Santal

This is another collaboration between the father-son duo. Original Santal was created to capture the splendid fragrance of sandalwood from India. It is made with cinnamon, coriander, sandalwood and juniper berries in the top notes. The middle notes include rosemary, petitgrain, lavender and ginger. The base notes contain tonka beans and vanilla. Held in sunset orange, ombre glass bottle, the perfume has a woody and spicy scent. Flanked with long-lasting longevity, the 2005 perfume captured the attention of many people and has been trending ever since its release.

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6. Original Vetiver

Original Vetiver is a citrusy and woody fragrance that is perfect for the scorching hot days of summer. Citrus fruits in the top notes make the perfume refreshing, while Haitian Vetiver at its heart makes the formula live up to its name. Iris used in the middle notes keeps it powdery and prevents the fragrance from feeling too sticky. The musk makes the scent feel more masculine. With long-lasting longevity and moderate silage, this is ideal for any events you might want to go to during the summer.

7. Viking

This is one of the latest colognes on the list, having been released in 2017.  Made from the fusion of sixteen scented elements, Viking happens to be a woody and green fragrance. Spicy mint, orris root, pink pepper, Vetiver, musk, Bulgarian rose and lavender happen to be some of the most distinctive ingredients in this fragrance. Viking is suitable for all seasons and occasions with reasonable longevity and silage, making it one of the favourite Creed colognes among men.

8. Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water is another throwback to the 1990s, as it was launched in 1995. It contains mandarin orange and bergamot in the top notes giving off a citrusy scent. Black currants and green tea are at the fragrance’s heart, while musk, sandalwood, galbanum and petitgrain make up the base notes. Like the Millesime Imperial, it is marketed as a unisex fragrance that leans more towards men’s perfume. Silver Mountain Water is more of a summertime and springtime fragrance that aids in blocking out sweat odour with its citrusy scent.

9. Green Irish Tweed

The Green Irish Tweed was released in 1985. This woody and musky scent come from five scented elements – iris, lemon verbena, violet leaf, sandalwood and ambergris. This is yet another Creed fragrance that continues to be popular in recent years, even though it was formulated decades back. Flanked with long-lasting longevity and moderate silage, Green Irish Tweed is suitable for all seasons and occasions: a night out with friends or a formal business conference. The rich and fresh perfume leaves a lasting impression on people. So, if you are looking for something to make a strong impression, this is your pick.

10. Erolfa

This is a nostalgic perfume created by Olivier Creed in 1992 to capture his entire family’s memories from the time they went sailing in the Mediterranean sea. Citrusy fruits were used in their making to symbolise the refreshing vibes from the sea. Along with those, floral and woody notes were used to capture the happy memories while spicy ingredients were added to replicate the thrill the Creed family felt on their journey.

Prominent among the nineteen scented elements used to formulate this fragrance, the most distinct ones happen to be lemons, bergamots, violets, pepper, cyclamen, sandalwood, cedar, musk and oakmoss. Like all other fragrances in this list, Erolfa also continues to trend due to its incredible scent, long-lasting longevity and excellent silage.

These are the top 10 best Creed colognes and perfumes for Men. Some of the scents do happen to be on the pricey end of the spectrum, so it might not be affordable for some people. However, with the high quality offered by the brand, they are still worth a try.