REVIEW: Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme

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Our aunt was coming for a visit. We got the news after returning from school. Our aunt on mom’s side was, in all honesty, my most favourite person in the world after our parents. I may be biased. But, our aunt has always been very loving and caring in regards to my brother and I.

Whereas other relatives always found a way to criticize us for some reason or the other, our aunt has always supported us. She is a very happy-go-lucky woman who always looks at the bright side of things. It is no wonder that we love her visits so much.

Aunt’s visits also meant lots of presents. She has this black suitcase that she always fills up with presents for us. That black suitcase happens to be the first bag we take out of the car while helping her with her luggage. Presents are a priority!

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When her flight landed, she called up our mom to inform us that she would drive a rental car over to our place. We were pretty excited about her trip here since we had not seen her since Christmas the last year. My brother and I were acting like literal kids, despite being a high school junior and senior, respectively. We constantly went outside and stood on the porch to look out for our aunt’s car. Sometimes we even went to the end of the driveway to check if we could catch a glimpse of the black car she said she had gotten.

The wait was totally worth it, though. We cheered and waited for our aunt to come out as her car rolled through the front gates and onto the driveway. With tight hugs and happy smiles, we escorted her inside and left her in the guestroom to freshen up.

It was not until the next evening that our aunt opened the “presents” suitcase. At our aunt’s request, My brother brought the black bag into the living room. She passed out a lot of different gifts to our parents and us. Clothes, accessories, fragrance packages – the bag was overflowing with it all. As she handed out all the presents to us, I kept mine in my room to open later on after dinner.

The gifts I got were four different shirts, a hat, a jacket, perfume, and a watch. I tried the clothes on to find them to be a perfect fit. The wristwatch was a nice silver one, but it was a little looser than I usually wore. Finally, the perfume I had gotten was a “Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme.” That indeed shocked me to the core.

The Brand

Silversmith Sotirios Boulgaris founded the fashion brand Bulgari (stylized as BVLGARI) in 1884. The brand started off as a jewellery shop in Greece, which became an international brand as time passed, with its headquarters in Rome, Italy. Offering a wide assortment of products ranging from jewelleries, watches, cosmetics, and fragrances, the brand has around 300 stores worldwide. The Blv Pour Homme was a creation of the master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Bulgari released the perfume globally in 2001.

Packaging and bottle

The box was blue and square-shaped. At the top of the front side, the brand’s stylized name “Bvlgari” was written in a bold, silver script. The middle part of the box had a smaller, silver square containing blue script reading, “BLV – Pour Homme.” At the bottom part of the box, the left and right corners stated the capacity of the bottle to be 100ml which is 3.4 US fl. oz. The middle part had a silver script reading, “Eau de Toilette – Vaporisateur Natural Spray.”

Taking off the clear polythene covering the box, I opened the package to see the brand name and website address printed in black font on the inside of the box’s top flap. The bottle inside was made of glass. The front and back of the square-shaped bottle were tinted a Persian blue. The bottle contained a clear liquid filled to the top. Meanwhile, the neck and cap of the bottle were silver in colour. The circular top of the cap had the brand name engraved along the circumference. On the tinted front side of the bottle, a white font read “Blv – Pour Homme.” Near the bottom of the backside, the same white font spelt out the name of the brand.


Alberto Morillas had used a limited selection of eight ingredients to formulate this fragrance. The top notes were cardamom and sandalwood.

The middle notes comprised ginger, juniper, and galanga. Finally, the base notes contained tobacco blossom, teak wood, and green leaves.

The first spray of the fragrance caused a hefty dosage of spicy cardamom and rich sandalwood to fill the air. Its potency almost made me miss the moment when the spicy, fizzy ginger hit the air, followed by the balsamic juniper and galangal. As the top and middle notes gently settled in, the base notes made their appearance. The dry, floral tones of the tobacco blossoms crept in first, followed by the green leaves and woodsy teak wood. The entire mixture was a fusion of warm, spicy, and woodsy tones. While the scent was neither too sharp nor too light, it was a perfect balance. 

I sprayed it on the following day before driving to school. A couple of people asked me if I had changed my regular fragrance and complimented this new one when I answered that I had. The perfume lasted on my skin throughout my entire day at school. There were still traces of the fragrance in my room when I returned from school. The longevity and silage of this mixture are very remarkable. I would purchase it again if I have the chance.

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Here are my preferred ratings for this extraordinary creation: -

Fragrance        8.5/10
Bottle            7/10
Longevity        8/10
Silage            8.5/10
Overall        8/10

Here is a quick overview of my review of Blv Pour Homme for Men (2001) by Bvlgari to cut a long story short:

The Pros are:

  • Amazing fragrance.
  • Great longevity.
  • Incredible silage.

The Cons are:

  • Some people may not like the strong scent of cardamom in this perfume.