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Hugo Boss - Boss for Him Review

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I had made a rather fruitless trip to the mall to purchase yet another bottle of my favourite perfume, Prada L’Homme, only to discover it was out of stock. Quite disheartened by that information, I decided to blind buy the next men’s perfume my eyes landed on. That perfume happened to be a Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss. Founded back in 1924, German fashion designer Hugo Boss’ self-named brand has grown to be one of the largest German fashion houses. From high-fashion clothing, watches and footwear to fragrances, eyewear and accessories, the brand has an overflowing portfolio of diverse products...

Review: Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled For Men

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My senior year at high school was finally coming to an end. As cliché as it sounds, I would miss my high school now that a new chapter in my life was about to begin. From all the missed assignments and detentions to food fights in the cafeteria and sitting outside the principal’s office with my two best friends, everything was going to be a nostalgic memory. Although it seems like yesterday, I could vividly remember my first day. I had built an incredible pile of memories to last a lifetime. Now, there were two final events left to wrap up our senior year – the prom dance and the graduation...