My Burberry Blush Women - Burberry (Review)

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He had forgotten. He had forgotten our third wedding anniversary. I only knew that because he talked to his assistant about booking a direct flight from New York to Miami. The flight was on the 17th of October, which was four days before our anniversary. Meanwhile, the return ticket is on the 26th. When he got off the phone call, he told that he had to leave for an extremely important deal to sign with some Russian delegates. Now, I am not one of those wives who stayed miffed at their husbands for forgetting anniversaries or birthdays. Yes, I was hurt and maybe a little upset, but not angry...

(Review) Versace Eros For Men

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It was the third week of February when my boss announced that we would be having a celebration party two weeks later for our company’s 15th anniversary. Everyone was pretty hyped about this since the last celebration we had had was the pre-Christmas party before our official holiday for Christmas and New Year in December. It was not long before the office hallways were filled with excited whispers of people discussing what to wear and their expectations regarding the celebration. I, on the contrary, was on the opposite side of the excitement scale. To start, I was not looking forward to the...

Review: Hugo Boss - Boss Bottled For Men

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My senior year at high school was finally coming to an end. As cliché as it sounds, I would miss my high school now that a new chapter in my life was about to begin. From all the missed assignments and detentions to food fights in the cafeteria and sitting outside the principal’s office with my two best friends, everything was going to be a nostalgic memory. Although it seems like yesterday, I could vividly remember my first day. I had built an incredible pile of memories to last a lifetime. Now, there were two final events left to wrap up our senior year – the prom dance and the graduation...

Review: Dylan Blue Pour Femme (Versace)

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A college friend of mine was getting married, and I had been asked to stand in as one of the bridesmaids. I had gladly accepted the role since we were best friends during our college years. The wedding was being held in September. I had flown in for the designation wedding in Paris, France, and helped out with the wedding plans as much as I could by giving suggestions about colour schemes, tablecloth patterns, ideas about flower arrangements, and so on. Everything had been going pretty well until disaster struck three days before the wedding. Some kids had been playing around in the bride’s...

Review: Escada Summer Festival For Women

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The global pandemic could not have had a worse timing when it started spreading at a breakneck pace last year. It caused the entire world to come to a standstill, ruining plans like outings, vacations, birthday parties, and weddings. One such important event that had to be postponed due to the widespread disease was my wedding. Yes, I am still very disgruntled about that. However, after a lot of discussions regarding everyone’s safety and taking necessary precautions, we organized a small wedding this year. With our closest friends and family members in attendance, the ceremony took place in...